How to Study Your Bible

This course will equip you to not rely solely upon others to provide your spiritual nourishment, but to learn to provide your own spiritual meals from the Bible. We will use the book of Colossians to develop skills in observation of a text, to see it in the context of its paragraph, and then in the entire book. Finally, we will interpret what we have read, and make personal application to our lives.

You can take this course for credit towards your BP Academy Certificate. There is no cost except to purchase the text and to commit an hour each week for additional study outside of class time. The text, “Living By The Book” by Howard Hendricks, is available from the church office or from various booksellers. Of course, non-credit learners are welcome to participate in the class session as well. 

9:15am Syllabus

Course Book:

Living By the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible


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