Vision: BPBC Biblical Training will equip Jesus followers to have a stronger Biblical foundation that will equip them to serve and build up others in knowing and following Jesus. 

The Learning Experience: During a three-year Biblical Training curriculum a person will have a discovery and participatory learning environment in both Biblical foundation and ministry skills. Students can participate for certificate credit, or as regular learners (like current class attendance). Certificate credit students will be expected to complete class preparation and/or application assignments requiring approximately one hour per week outside of class time.

Program Requirements

BP Church Bible Training program requires nine completed quarters to earn a certificate of completion. The nine courses must include the five required core classes noted below. The remaining four classes must include two general electives, one Bible elective and one ministry elective. The certificate could potentially be completed in two years but most students will take three years or possibly longer.

Core-required Course (5)

• How to Study Your Bible (text: Hendricks, Living by the Book)

• Old Testament Survey (text: House & Mitchell, Old Testament Survey)

• New Testament Survey

• Theology – Know What You Believe

• Spiritual Life

Possible Elective course (4 required for certificate)

• (General Elective) Bible Lands and Customs (History, Geography, and Archaeology) 

• (General Elective) Church History I (Apostolic through pre-Reformation eras)

• (General Elective) Church History II (Reformation through Postmodern eras)

• (General Elective) Defending the Faith (Apologetics and Worldview)

• (General Elective) Ethics & Current Issues

• (General Elective) Intertestamental History

• (Bible Elective) New Testament Survey II-IV (Gospels, Paul’s Letters, General Letters)

• (Bible Elective) New Testament Book Studies

• (Bible Elective) Old Testament Survey II-IV (Pentateuch, Prophets, Historical & Wisdom Literature)

• (Bible Elective) Old Testament Book Studies

• (Ministry Elective) Leadership & Service

• (Ministry Elective) Bible Communication I (Teaching for large and small groups)

• (Ministry Elective) Bible Communication II (Preaching)

• (Ministry Elective) Perspectives (Missions) [this is often hosted by various area churches]

Course will be offered with the five core-required courses repeated in subsequent years to equip new participants joining program. The staggered progress of various students in subsequent years will require new courses be offered as well each year.