Who We Are

bpChurch is a family in Christ being changed by God's Truth, impacting others by His Grace. 

We desire to be a community of believers who glorify God by worshiping, growing, and serving together.     


We believe that the fundamental reason we were created was to know and enjoy God in personal relationship. God is the Creator, Savior, and Judge of all creation, worthy of worship in everything we say and do. We delight to gather on Sundays and throughout the week in our various ministries to praise God in song and prayer.


To worship God rightly, we must know him well, so we intend to be a Bible-teaching church. We have weekly bible teaching in our Sunday services, in small meetings we call "Growth Groups," and in a variety of classes and ministries for every age and life-stage of our people.


True worship moves beyond the mind and heart into our actions. Those of us who have experienced the love of God through the gospel of Jesus, long to see others taste of that same joy. We are engaged in serving our community through local community service and world-wide evangelism.

What To Expect

Both our 9:30am and 11:00am have the same music and sermon, and we do our best to start and end on time. There is no "dress code" - you will see a variety of styles, and encourage you to come in whatever you feel comfortable wearing. 

Our Sunday morning services at bpChurch are a mixture of various elements:


We start and finish our services with singing. We use current songs and traditional hymns, both being led in a contemporary style by our worship band. 

God's Word

The largest portion of our service is given to a sermon based on the Bible. We treasure the opportunity to hear from God in His word week by week and make it a central part of our worship. If you don't have a Bible of your own, we provide English Standard Version (ESV) Bibles in the back of the seats. Please feel free to take a copy or ask one of the ushers for a paperback version if you prefer. 


An offering is usually taken to provide a way for our members and regular attenders to support the work of the church. If you are a visitor, do not feel obligated to give...please consider our services a gift to you. 

Music at bpChurch

Worship music at Brush Prairie Baptist Church is characterized by theologically rich words, contemporary instrumentation, and a mix of new songs and classic hymns. Our Worship Team and Choir are led by Pastor Evan - contact him for more information at 360-901-6777.

Worship Team

Our worship team usually consists of guitars, bass, drums, piano, and vocals, but we incorporate many other gifted musicians and instruments. This ministry is a great way for experienced musicians and singers to use their gifts to powerfully serve Christ's body.

Worship Technology

Our Sunday services would not be possible without the dedicated individuals who manage our sound board and projection software. This is a great ministry for those who are technically inclined and have a heart for worship.


Our Adult and Children's Choirs run during the Easter and Christmas seasons. Singers of all skill levels are invited to join this fun worshiping community!